January 28, 2012


Here are some snapshots from what I've been up to in January. I hope you enjoy!
 Wine and fire = romantic evening.
View of Bedford Basin from Mount Saint Vincent University.
 Tea at The Middle Spoon.
Chocolate lava cake and peanut butter pie...mmm.
 Halifax Harbour.
Playing around with Instagram in bed. Procrastinating sleep?
 Home-made hot chocolate as seen here!
 Experimenting with outfits. May have made a hugggee mess...
 Skating at the Halifax Emera Oval today. So much fun!
 It was a beautiful day. Just beautiful.
Ah, young love.

Happy weekend. Please, get's some relaxing in! And not just so that I can feel better about my own time-off, but also because you deserve it.

January 23, 2012

DIY Chained Friendship Bracelet

Okay, so I haven't just been doing school work. I may have spent too much time making this cute chained friendship bracelet that I found at Style Scrapbook. I was so eager to share this with someone, so I decided to post about it! It's very simple to make, though it does take some time to sew on the chains. Great to do in front of the TV! Style Scrapbook provides some great photo instructions but see below for some more tips!

I love this because I wanted something to wear with my gold watch, and the gold chain is perfect! I found the chain at a local art store, but I think Style Scrapbook may have used one found at a hardware store. I think either will do. A foot was plenty and it only cost me $1.50! I bought the bracelet at a local store called The Black Market, which sells various things from different countries and cultures, but you could also make one. I think my stitching is a lot messier, but that's okay with me. I still love it, and I hope you do too!

More posts will come...eventually! Time is of essence, unfortunately! 

January 8, 2012

Christmas & New York City

Happy New Year! I know I haven't posted in a while, and I've been feeling very badly about it! I'm sorry. I'm afraid that I will have to take a short break from my blog in order to concentrate on finishing my Master's... which will hopefully be in the near future. Since it will be a busy next couple of months, I think it will be best for my sanity! However, I've missed blogging so much that I thought I'd do one more post in the meantime. Here are some photos from my Christmas and my trip to New York City with my Mom. Enjoy!

Our lovely Christmas tree.
Mimosas on Christmas morning, yum!
My dad, brother, myself, and mom on Christmas Eve!
View of NYC from the Staten Island Ferry.
The Empire State Building. 
In Soho, on Spring Street. Loved it there!
In Central Park. 
View from Central Park.
At the twin tower memorial.
My New Year's Eve outfit.
At the restaurant we ate at on New Year's Eve. So much fun!

See you soon!