September 30, 2011

Anna Sui Inspiration: Pink Eyes.

 Anna Sui's Fall 2011 fashion show was big on pink pink pink make up, and I love it! So I decided to try it out for myself. I already had a pink/burgundy Clinique eye shadow combination, as well as a very pink MAC lip glass. The steps I took to create this look are to follow!

As you can see, I used a deep burgundy eye shadow as well as two different shades of pink eye shadow to create this look. I applied the burgundy to the outer corners of my eye lids with my finger. I used a lighter pink colour to fill in the rest of the lid, blending it in with the burgundy shadow. I used a very, very light pink shadow below the eyebrows and in the corners of the lid. I applied two coats of black mascara, applied pink blush to the apples of my cheeks, and finalized with the pink lip gloss. Super easy and quick!

Does this work on you?

xo Caroline

*Anna Sui photos courtesy of

September 29, 2011

The Mother Monster: NOT Just Any Other Singer

I find Lady Gaga so very interesting. She's complex. Her image and music portray and convey something very valuable, in my opinion, despite that some of her lyrics and music videos often reinforce problematic ideologies, like, for example, ones about ideal beauty and women's bodies as idealized and exotified objects to be consumed (see her video for Telephone and Bad Romance). Her lyrics and videos also confirm dualistic and hierarchical ways of thinking (men vs. women, "good" vs. "evil",  mind vs. body in Born this Way).

Regardless, I love her. First, she points out, with her obscure and wild costumes, the extent to which we construct and perform our gendered identities. For example, she takes to an extreme the imaging that many of us do everyday, thus poignantly pointing it out and deconstructing it. She wears extreme make-up, hairstyles, and outfits, all of which are based on socially constructed "masculine" and "feminine" gender scripts. In doing so,  she points out that all appearances are constructed based on such social constructions. Likewise, everyday I put on my outwardly "feminine" face and clothing, brushing my hair in a way that will make it appear "feminine". I construct my gender, and then I perform it.
She also blurs the line between the "feminine" and "masculine" genders (which I try to do as well, by wearing "masculine" pieces with more "feminine" ones). It becomes so difficult to discern what gender she is trying to embody (she actually embodies both, in my opinion), which ultimately implies that gender is not a stable category or a black and white concept--it, too, is constructed.

Second, I love that her music aims to unite people of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, sexes, genders, ages (?), abilities (?) (which you now know I LOVE).  In my opinion, she wants to promote individual empowerment, fulfillment, and happiness with and through her music. Of course, these things are limited for many people by very real social barriers that most often go unacknowledged in North America. Whether or not music actually does evade forms of difference still remains in question for me (but perhaps that's beside the point).

But I'm clearly not only the only one who feels empowered when listening to Lady Gaga. As her Google Chrome advertisement indicates, billions do! (I may have cried when I watched this...):

Her latest music video crosses all sorts of boundaries, challenges all sorts of binaries (while at the same time affirming them?) Nonetheless, she pushes us to think outside the box, outside of our comfort zones. And she makes me want to dance! What do you think? 

xo Caroline

*photos courtesy of Harper's Bazar

September 28, 2011

Streets of Halifax

I hope everyone is having a great week! These photos were taken courtesy of Emma last night. Though we didn't go out at all (we stayed in and watched bad TV while eating  lots of cookies), I thought it would be neat to take some photos on a streetscape. This is actually very close to my apartment, so it worked out quite well!

I was wearing:

Zara Blazer
Gap Blouse
Skirt from Winners ($20!!)
Locale Ankle Boots
Jacob Belt

xo Caroline

September 27, 2011

Miracle Worker

It makes me so happy and I think it is so cool when musicians from different music genres unite and create a new style of music. Although this song might be considered pop-ish (and thus its' not new, per-say), it brings together five different musicians from not only different music styles but different cultural backgrounds. I am absolutely obsessed with this band not only because it combines different culturally grounded styles but because it represents and symbolizes a coming together of people. How inspirational is that?! Our world needs more of this!

Have a great day!

xo Caroline

September 26, 2011

NYC Fashion Week Favorites

Kirsten Dunst at Band of Outsiders (Love the black and white and minimalist touch)
                           Kate Bosworth at Calvin Klein              Rose Huntington-Whiteley and 
                                (Love the minimalism!)                             Zoe Saldana          
 Harley Viera-Newton at Herve Leger by Maz Azira (Love the Gothic shoes with the tights)
 Byrdie Bell at DKNY (Love the vest, and DKNY in general!)
 Chloe Sevingy at IMIT (Love the all-black ensemble)
 Rose Byrne at Tommy Hilfiger (Love the "masculine" touch)
 Olivia Polermo at Mulberry (LOVE the shoes and the simpleness of the outfit)
Alexa Chung at Rag&Bone (Love the velvet coat, polka dots, and, again, the chic shoes)
 Whitney Port at Luca Luca (Love her colour palette, especially for Fall!)
Whitney Port at Fearne Cotton's new fashion line reveal (Love the 70's flair and colourful sweater)

Here is some favorite Fall fashion inspiration. I hope everyone has a great start to the week! 

xo Caroline

September 24, 2011

A Day at the Office

This is usually how I spend my days: reading and drinking copious amounts of coffee at lovely little places/spaces. As stressful as being a student can be, I love being able to spend so much time at coffee shops. This one is probably one of my favorites in Halifax. Not only is the coffee supreme, but the atmosphere and decor are great!

I hope your Saturday is as lazy as mine is!

xo Caroline

September 23, 2011

3 Ways to Wear the Boyfriend Blouse.

Please excuse the fuzziness of these photos, my camera does not like indoor photography (and I hate the flash). A few people have commented on my ability to wear one item of clothing several different ways, so I decided to take up Katherine's idea to do a post on three different ways one item can be worn. I used the "boyfriend shirt" because it is a go-to in my closet. The first outfit is a casual one, something I'd wear to the movies, or for a quick bite to eat. The second one is also casual, but perhaps a bit less so than the first one. The final one is my favorite, it's something I'd wear to a special event, or potentially to work (if I'm in the mood ;).

I hope to at some point in the near future feature different outfits with different (or perhaps the same?) key pieces, and some for different body types. Obviously I have one body type but I realize that not everyone has the same shape I do.

Oh, and happy Friday! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Mine won't be too eventful with work tonight and Sunday, and school work and errands on Saturday.

Oh, and I recommend that everyone watch Café de Flore, it's AMAZING!!

I was wearing:

1st outfit: 
Aritzia Blouse
Silver Jeans
Franco Sarto Boots
Obaku Watch
Purse from Exposure

2nd outfit:
Aritzia Blouse
Vintage Bracelet (was my Mom's)
Purse from a craft fair!!

3rd outfit:
Aritzia Blouse
F21 Blazer
Vintage Belt
Gap Pencil Skirt
Locale Boots
Vintage Coach Purse

xo Caroline

September 22, 2011

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Salad

Tried this salad the other night. If you like blue cheese, you'll like this. It was really easy, even though I didn't use the barbecue. (Honestly, I don't like to BBQ without Jimmy. It's just his thing! Have I mentioned how much I hate long-distance?)
On a positive note, I'm going out for Sushi and a movie tonight with Katherine. SO excited. I love that girl! We are going to see Café  de Flore at the Film Festival. It looks so good!

Chatelaine Grilled Buffalo Chicken Salad

Prep time: 20 minutes
BBQ/Grilling time: 20 minutes
Makes: 4 servings (I halved this recipe)


1 carrot
2 hearts of romaine, leaves separated (can use chopped romaine)
2 celery stalks, thinly sliced
3/4 cup milk
1/3 cup light mayonnaise
2 tbsp chopped fresh dill
2 tbsp apple-cider vinegar
3 garlic cloves, minced
3 tbsp Louisiana-style hot sauce
1 tbsp unsalted butter, melted
1 1/2 tsp honey
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
1/3 cup crumbled blue cheese


Preheat barbecue to medium. Peel long ribbons from carrot into a large bowl, turning as you go. 
Add lettuce leaves and celery. Whisk milk with mayo, dill, vinegar and garlic in a small bowl. 
Stir hot sauce with butter and honey in a large bowl. Set both aside.

Oil grill (or fry pan), then barbecue (or fry) chicken, covered, until springy when pressed, 
6 to 8 min per side. Transfer to a cutting board and slice into 1/2-in. thick strips. Add to 
hot-sauce mixture and turn to coat. Drizzle dressing over salad and toss until coated. 
Top with chicken and cheese.

xo Caroline

September 21, 2011

New Love

Just found this new musician and love her. Not only is her musical goal to unite individuals and transcend social boundaries, but her voice is also a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Check her out:

xo Caroline

September 20, 2011

Boredom at Fort Louisbourg?

I finally got around to uploading my iPhone photos to my computer. Here are some shots from Fort Louisbourg, a National Park in Cape Breton, which I visited back in August. Although it was historically interesting and very beautiful, I found myself a little board as well...hence the photo shoot (Thanks, Jimmy :)

I'm leaving you today with a band that I have recently become obsessed with. The video was directed by Drew Barrymore! Enjoy!

xo Caroline