September 2, 2011

Reasons to Hate AXE

Oh my god. I recently saw the latest AXE commercial and almost threw the converter across the room at the TV (thankfully, I remembered that that would severely damage Jimmy's flat-screen). I'm not sure if I am more pissed off that these commercials actually work, or, that they are completely degrading to women and those of colour. Am I surprised that they take up every single oppressive stereotype that currently exists about women? No. The ideas they embrace sell. Our society prides itself on these ideas. AXE commercials merely make obvious (and reinforce) the socially constructed and learned notions that Western culture is built upon.

Although I am not surprised that AXE uses sexism and racism to its advantage, I am surprised that the general population doesn't care. AXE commercials depict women as savages and as primitive others (what does this say about racism in our culture? Well, it certainly reinforces the colour caste system). It depicts them as only valuable and worthwhile for their appearances and bodies (yet note that only ideal appearances and bodies are worthy of AXE attention), as inferior to men, as useful only for male sexual desire and pleasure (and thus as heterosexual only), as shallow, one-dimensional, and as only interested in gaining male attention. They commodify and exotify women. They construct them as objects for the general public to consume--and to gain, well, if one purchases AXE. And they do so in such a cocky way; it's as if they believe that because everyone knows their ads are sexist and racist, they are acceptable as such. Barf.

Here are a few examples of AXE commericals:

xo Caroline

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  1. Ewww. I can't believe these commercials are for real. Like A. it really type casts which women are worthy of male attention. And the majority of the population does not look like that. And it depicts the man as in total control. I mean we might as well all be Stepford wives. Do what they say and obey and worship them. Disgusting. I wonder if there is any women's products out there that return the exploitation to men?


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