August 31, 2012

Capitol Pride 2012.

My friend Emma (who was visiting from Calgary last weekend) and I watched Capitol Pride in Ottawa last Sunday. It was my first time going to a Pride Parade (surprisingly, actually!) but I loved it! I had so much fun. It was so empowering to see all the love that was around. People were uniting in both small and big groups. Happiness and music filled the air. Smiles were everywhere. Feet and arms were moving, embracing everyone. I'm so not used to seeing people unite in such a way (I can name on one hand the other time's I've experienced something similar: the Olympics, the Stanley Cup, natural disasters (?????), so seeing this ... wow, it just made me realize how amazing and important it is when groups of different people unite. In my opinion, it needs to happen more!

August 29, 2012

Guest Post: Cee from Coco and Vera.

Hello friends! Today's post is a guest post by Cee from Coco and Vera. Cee is is just one of the lovely people I've met through blogging, and I'm thrilled that I did! She's a lovely woman - friendly, kind, down-to-earth and, best of all, incredibly chic! 

I'm Cee from Coco and Vera! I'm very excited to be writing for The Feminista Journals today; Caroline and I share many passions, including travel, feminism and, of course, fashion.
I started blogging two years ago, and my style has evolved over time to encompass so many things that inspire me - my teenaged love of punk rock, an obsession with Chanel and all things Parisian. At the end of the day, I'm just a modern girl who loves clothes. A lot.
Recently, I embarked on a huge adventure and realised a lifelong dream - moving to Paris! I'm setting up camp in le Marais right now, documenting everything as I go. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog to say hello and see what I'm up to in the French capital!

August 27, 2012


[ dress c/o Oasap // American Apparel sheer top // Nanushka belt // Aldo shoes (old) // Vintage Coach purse // Chloe Ammi sunglasses // O My Heart! bracelet ]

I received this striped dress from Oasap last week and was wonderfully surprised. I love it! I love the quality of cotton and the fit--it's perfect. Although it's great for summer, I'm also looking forward to wearing it in the fall with a chunky sweater and ankle boots or flats. I love this transition period from fall to summer, mostly because I love fall fashion so much (and I'm getting really tired of wearing the same shorts on repeat). These new Chloe sunglasses will transition perfectly from summer to fall as well. They are definitely my favourite Beyond the Rack find and I am very happy with them. It feels so good to find good quality and designer pieces at a fraction of the cost. Is it weird to admit that I'm proud of this find? Well, I am! Have a great week friends! xo Caroline

August 24, 2012

Make-up: Yay or Nay?

I recently bought a few new Estée Lauder make-up products. It's been since Christmas since I invested in some new make-up, and it felt so nice to treat myself (and I received the lipstick for free!). That being said, I also wondered if buying make-up is a treat for other women? I've known various women who don't enjoy purchasing and playing with make-up the same way I do, or who don't wear make-up at all. I can see why, to be honest--like fashion, it involves participating in consumerism and femininity--two things which, I imagine, a lot of women don't identify with. On top of that, a lot of it is also loaded with chemicals and toxins (one reason why a lot of the make-up I buy is all-natural). Do you use make-up, and if so why or why not? Do you think using make-up can be trivial and pointless or do you enjoy applying it, buying it, and collecting it--or both? Sometimes I feel torn, so I'd love to hear what others think. Happy Friday! xo Caroline

August 22, 2012


[ Mac & Jac dress via Winners // J. Cew belt // Guess heels // Vintage Koret clutch // Vintage earrings ]

What gal doesn't get all dressed up and prance around their neighbourhood? I know I do! I'm sure many of you bloggers know what I'm talking about (and your photographers!). Well, this is exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago with my friend, who shot these photos of me in one of my favourite dresses. I love its ombre-inspired and almost-geometric pattern, the perfect fit, and of course the sky blue colour. I kept it basic with a skinny belt and nude shoes. Have a lovely day friends! xo Caroline

August 20, 2012

DIY Printed Pants.

It's Monday morning! And I'm sitting in a coffee shop right now, trying to work on my thesis, but of course people watching and blogging are stopping me. Here's a few snapshots of a pair of palazzo-type pants that my mom and I made together last week following this A Pair and A Spare tutorial. Even though they are easy to make, I suggest only trying it if you have at least minimal sewing experience (or want to learn the basics of sewing on a sewing machine first). I did not. My lovely mother ended up doing most of the sewing-related stuff. Good thing because I just don't have the patience to learn (at this point in my life at least ... maybe one day). But I made tea. Fair, right? Have a great day lovelies! xo Caroline

August 17, 2012

Weekend Wandering.

[ Aerie shorts // Twik blouse // Geox flats // Matt & Nat purse // Vintage necklace // Michael Kors sunglasses ]

A couple weekends ago my friend and I headed to a nearby town called Perth (as you know, visiting local small towns, like this one, has somehow become a regular hobby of mine). Here are just a few snapshots of our afternoon there. I hope to do be doing more wandering this weekend, actually. The same friend and I are heading down to the market for an afternoon of shopping and eating, and maybe a few drinks afterwards? We'll see! Happy weekend to you - may it be filled with whatever makes you happy! xo Caroline

August 15, 2012

Black, White, and Red All Over.

[ Banana Republic cut-offs // 88 Queen top // Thrifted Calvin Klein heels // Vintage Koret Clutch ]

One of my favourite colour combinations is red, white, and black. Simple and classic. Add a bit of tie-die (I've been dying to showcase this awesome top made by Genevieve, a wonderful Canadian designer who is located in the small town where I attended university) and you've got an edgy twist on a classic colour combo. My very good friend took these photos with her new Nikon (soon, so soon, I hope to have my own!) and I'm very pleased with the way they turned out. But as she was snapping photos of me, she suggested that I think about smiling more on my blog. In that moment I totally realized that I don't smile in so many of my blog photos! I was so taken aback that I hadn't realized it before. It's odd because I'm usually always smiling and laughing while being photographed (I get all giggly and awkward and shy) but just not for the camera or in the photographs. Needless-to-say, I'll be smiling more in lookbook photos from now on. Blogging is tricky for me insofar as I want my readers to "get" me without evening knowing or having met me. I want you all to know that I'm actually a very smiley funny person--well, if you count my love of making sarcastic jokes that usually only I find funny. Ha! xo Caroline

August 13, 2012

Mikulov, Czech Republic.

View of the town.
View of Goat Tower.
On our way up to Goat Tower.
Street where our hotel was located.
In the main square.
A wine shop where we sampled a variety of local wines.
The square again.
Another streetscape.
Goat Tower up close.
In Mikulov's castle.
Starting off a full-day bike ride we did (that's Mikulov in the background!).
I got tired, and quickly!!
In a town called Lednice.
Now in a town called Valtice.
What a view, eh!!
On Holy Hill.
The chapel on Holy Hill.

Happy Monday! Mikulov was such a great way to end our trip. Only an hour and a half via train from Bratislava, it was easy to get to (unless you count changing trains and dying of heat on the second one?). We spent most of our time here drinking wine and enjoying the absolutely beautiful landscapes. The town itself was quaint and really just so charming. It was nice to get out of the big cities we'd visited and into a more relaxing, slow-paced environment. It was also so very romantic! We spent one evening in the centre of town drinking wine outdoors, watching an outdoor concert, and walking up to Goat Tower. The night finished off with fire works outside the hotel! The following night, however, was a nightmare because I was having horrible leg spasms after a a full day of biking. Never have I had to push myself so hard! xo Caroline