August 8, 2012

An Outdoor Adventure in Croatia.

An open air museum. And I don't know what it's called or where in Croatia it is. I may have been sleeping on the bus (tour) ride there.
Jimmy was just so excited about getting up on one of these.
And now we are in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.
Sadly, no swimming was allowed :(
There were tons and tons of waterfalls, everywhere!
And the turquoise coloured water-that's natural!
Hold on to your hat? No idea why?
Again with the hat.
Just look at that water!
We could take boats to get from lake to lake!
Those sandals took me everywhere, in case you were wondering!
Cute ducks cleaning themselves. 

Wow! Plitvice Lakes is beautiful, isn't it! We signed up for a Busabout tour, which took us from Budapest to Plitvice to Split (the next instalment of photos!). I was sceptical at first, I'll admit (even though it was my idea?), but I actually really, really enjoyed myself! It was great to socialize with other travellers (two Canadians in particular!) and step out of our comfort zones. I mean, I had no control over what we did and where we stayed. Although that scared me, I liked just sitting back and just enjoying the ride for once! I think that's important in my life--as much as I love to have control (and always will), often hoping that I will gain some kind of certainty (but never do), I try to remember that it's okay to feel uncomfortable sometimes. It's only through feeling uncomfortable, unsure, and scared that I am able to grow and know myself better. Anyway, that's about it for today's words of wisdom, haha. xo Caroline

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