August 10, 2012

Captivating Croatia.

Let's start off in Split.
Our hotel room overlooked this Roman ruin. Pretty amazing, huh?
The streets were so narrow and tall-it was as if we were trying to navigate through a maze!
On our way to a local beach.
View from a boat we took to a 'blue lagoon.'
And here we are at the lagoon!
Soaking it up, obviously.
Too... bright... to... look.
A Dalmatian beauty.
That's our hotel room!
And our balcony.
And us as happy as ever on the balcony.
Clearly, we loved our balcony!
Heading back from the beach.
The fish market. Every. single. day. this happened!
The lovely Natasha ... one of the Canadian girls we met on our bus tour. This was our favourite restaurant!
 And now we arrive in Zagreb.
 Such a beautiful church.
And another.
Same one.
Wall art + oldest pharmacy in Zagreb.
The train station.
We were celebrating absolutely nothing, by the way. 

Croatia ... definitely one of my favourite places of all time! I loved everything about Croatia--the people, the culture, the food, the vibe. The people especially were lovely. Everyone we met was humbly proud of their country's history (especially since it gained independence in 1991 after the Yugoslav wars--see I've done my research!) and wanted to share it with tourists. It was incredible to see such kind hospitality. Incredible!

Split was Dalmatian life (it's located on what's referred to as the Dalmatian Coast) at its finest. It was bustling with youngsters and partiers and drinking and shopping and warmth and beauty and locals and kindness and Roman history. It was such an experience. I just loved it there (despite that I'm not a huge partier!). Zagreb, the country's capitol, was of course less Mediterranean-like (not being on the sea) and more corporate but also very "art nouveau" in its architecture (much like Vienna and Budapest, but less grand). It also had a very contemporary artsy feel to it, on might even call it avant-guard. There were local artists and artisans everywhere and galleries lined the side streets. I 100% recommend Croatia!

Anyway, happy Friday to all! Now I have to get stated on my school work! xo Caroline

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