August 3, 2012

Bratislava, Slovakia.

Apartment view.
Tea + apricot cake.
Morning light + apricots.
Slovak books + figurines.
Plants on the balcony.
Here we are in Old Town.
Julius Meinl coffee. Amazing. 
 Opera House.
I just love old streets. I could spend days wandering aimlessly through them. Oh wait, I kind of did!
Beer + a traditional Slovak dish called "Brinza"
 Best beer. EVER.
 My all-time favourite church. Isn't it beautiful?
Random cactuses.

Well, here is the first (of five) instalment of photos from our trip to four countries in Europe! These photos are from our first three days in Slovakia, where we stayed with family friends of mine in downtown Bratislava. It really was a lovely time. We hung out in the apartment (which was very centrally located), played board games, strolled around Old Town, ate amazing food, drank good beer/wine/coffee, shopped, and made sure to have some good laughs with my two favourite girls! Despite that it was excruciatingly hot, we were just so happy. It's not often that I can think of a time where I was just happy. Often I'm happy, but stressed. Or happy but also lonely. You know, feelings are complicated. But those days of nothingness and everthingness, those were happy days. xo Caroline

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