August 13, 2012

Mikulov, Czech Republic.

View of the town.
View of Goat Tower.
On our way up to Goat Tower.
Street where our hotel was located.
In the main square.
A wine shop where we sampled a variety of local wines.
The square again.
Another streetscape.
Goat Tower up close.
In Mikulov's castle.
Starting off a full-day bike ride we did (that's Mikulov in the background!).
I got tired, and quickly!!
In a town called Lednice.
Now in a town called Valtice.
What a view, eh!!
On Holy Hill.
The chapel on Holy Hill.

Happy Monday! Mikulov was such a great way to end our trip. Only an hour and a half via train from Bratislava, it was easy to get to (unless you count changing trains and dying of heat on the second one?). We spent most of our time here drinking wine and enjoying the absolutely beautiful landscapes. The town itself was quaint and really just so charming. It was nice to get out of the big cities we'd visited and into a more relaxing, slow-paced environment. It was also so very romantic! We spent one evening in the centre of town drinking wine outdoors, watching an outdoor concert, and walking up to Goat Tower. The night finished off with fire works outside the hotel! The following night, however, was a nightmare because I was having horrible leg spasms after a a full day of biking. Never have I had to push myself so hard! xo Caroline

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