October 31, 2011

My Halloween Plans

Well, here it is, HALLOWEEN! Happy Halloween to all! Tonight Jimmy and I have some really exciting plans. Well, they might, potentially, be boring to some but fun to me. We are going to carve a pumpkin, following Martha Stewert's pumpkin templates, make some awesomely rich candy apples, and watch Halloween 2. Oh, and maybe go for a walk to check out the trick-or-treators. Yay! Check out Martha Stewart's "How to Carve a Pumpkin" instructions here and the super simple and easy candy apple recipe here. What are your plans?

I know I promised to show you my new vintage treasures, but I couldn't resist a Halloween-dedicated post today. Tomorrow  for sure! 

October 30, 2011

A Day of Thrifting and Antiquing

Visited these two lovely places in Chilliwack last Wednesday with Jimmy's parents, and found some great finds! I was absolutely dying to go to Twig Home after coming across the owner's blog about a month ago. Conveniently,  her location is somewhat close to Vancouver and she was able to arrange a showing for us! The layout of her studio/shop gave me so many design and home decor ideas! I loved it, and wanted to share it with you. And the Emporium, a HUGE antique store, had a 50% off sale on their vintage jewelry and clothing! Jimmy's Mom, Carol, and I went just a bit crazy :) She ended up buying me two fabulous necklaces, which I will show you tomorrow, and a scarf!! What a day.

For now, have a great Sunday! It's pouring rain outside, so it's perfect for lazing about and Thesis-ing!
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October 28, 2011

Fall in Vancouver

Spent Monday driving around downtown Vancouver and walking up and down Commercial Drive. I absolutely love that area of Vancouver because of the beautiful view of downtown and the awesome shops, restaurants, and caf├ęs. I ended up finding a great mustard sweater at a consignment store. But, best of all, it was great just spending time with the one I love on an absolutely beautiful Fall day.

Just getting back into the swing of things now in Halifax, which is tough. There is so much to and so little time... 

I was wearing:

Zara Sweater
Forever 21 Stripped Shirt
Gap Skirt
McGreggor Tights (The Bay)
Franco Sarto Boots
Mom's Necklace
Forever 21 Headband

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October 26, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration: Photography

My friend Katherine and I have talked about making crafts with old books and vintage tea cups. I had a great time searching around my house in Ottawa for these things, and took some really inspirational photos! I also couldn't help my attraction to these lovely flowers and old clock. Too bad I couldn't bring any of these back with me!

Well, it's mid-week and I leave for Halifax tomorrow. I knew it would fly by!

October 24, 2011

New In: Velvet Pants

Spent some time frolicking about it Jimmy's parents garden yesterday, right before his Dad's 60th Birthday bash. Also bought these pants at H&M on Saturday, do you like them? Well, I guess that doesn't matter because I do! They're a velvet texture and a deep purple colour, and they'll spice up any simple Fall/Winter outfit!

Off to dinner tonight at a nearby Mexican restaurant, I can't wait! However, lots of school work awaits me tomorrow...

I was wearing:

American Apparel Top
H&M pants
Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan
Browns ID Shoes
Mom's Vintage Necklace
Cambridge Satchel

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October 23, 2011

Sex Work IS Work and Sex Workers ARE People

Here are some current activisms on and about sex work and sex workers. After recently coming across an amazing blog called Tits and Sass, which is done by and about sex workers (!!!), I realized how important it is to hear sex workers' perspectives. Although I'm neither no expert on the topic of sex work, nor am I at all familiar with current laws surrounding sex work in Canada, I do know that sex work is currently unregulated in Canada and laws surrounding sex work vary from province to province. As Lizzy Hill from Halifax's The Coast says, "while selling sex is not illegal in itself, the Canadian Criminal Code prohibits the activities surrounding sex work." Because of the current legal and political status of sex work, there needs to be a perspective about sex workers from the point-of-view of sex workers. 
As THIS article on Tits and Sass conveys, sex work and sex workers are often conceived of and understood in society based on negative stereotypes, many of which, according to the article's writer, aren't always true or fair. For example, the author contends that sex workers are often considered stupid and unable to consciously make smart decisions. Further, because they "sell" their bodies, they are also often considered separate from their bodies and thus not fully human. As such, they are dehumanized and objectified--that is, treated as objects and not fully competent human beings. Although this article may gloss over the patriarchal and capitalist ideologies that characterize "sex work", it does a great job and emphasizing the importance of sex workers and their voices and opinions.

Have a great Sunday!

*Photos courtesy of: Prostitutes Collectivethe Coast, and Not Enough Good.

October 22, 2011

Belts and Scarves

This is a quick post, as I have little desire to be on the computer right now! I know, weird, eh? I always find that when I'm staying with Jimmy's family, there is so much to do! For example, I just baked my favorite carrot cake, as seen here, for his Dad's 60th Birthday tomorrow, and I am soon going to Zara with Jimmy. Yay! Stay tuned for some new finds I found... can't wait to show you!

Now, on to the video! I came across this awesome girl and her blog last week, its called The Daybook Blog. I found this tutorial particularly helpful. It gives some great ideas about how to wear belts and scarves. What are your thoughts?

October 21, 2011

Streets of Ottawa

Had a  great day in Ottawa on Monday. My Mom and I started off in Westboro, at one of my favorite clothing stores in Ottawa. Victoire is an eclectic kind of store, with tons of antiques and absolutely beautiful pieces of clothing and jewelry from one-of-a-kind designers. If you're in Ottawa tomorrow, they are actually having an awesome semi-annual vintage dress sale! Check out their website for details. 
After touring around Westboro, we went downtown and wandered around some more in the Byward Market and near Sussex Street. Too bad the weather was so crappy, as it is today in Vancouver. Rain rain rain. We ended off our day with lunch at Benny's Bistro, which is off Dalhousie Street on Murray Street. Wow, was it ever amazing French food! And it had a great atmosphere. I totally plan to go back again with Jimmy over the Christmas holidays. Can't wait!

As for my outfit... it's nothing special, particularly because it was a rainy day. Nonetheless, I was wearing:

Gap Jean Jacket
PURE Jeans from Zellers
Talula Blouse
Urban Behavior Sweater (from the men's department)
Pashmina Scarf (gift from my Mom)
My good Ole' Satchel
Franco Sarto Boots

Well it's Friday, and for once that makes a difference to me! Jimmy isn't working tomorrow until Monday, so we will be spending some MUCH needed time together, and I will be taking (or trying to...) a MUCH needed break from work! I hope you are, too!

October 19, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration: Joe Fresh Fall 2011

Was in Joe Fresh earlier today and was inspired by the simple sophistication of some of their pieces. And I'm really liking these outfits, which are from their Fall 2011 lookbook. Check it out here.

I'm off to Vancouver tomorrow, yay! Though I'm excited to be there, it's going to be a long day of travelling... hopefully I will be able to get some school work done! Stay tuned for some photos from my trip to Ottawa!