October 3, 2011

Dove Campaigns: More Positive than Negative!

Wow. I haven't paid much attention to Dove commercials in the last couple of years. Watching these commercials shows me that they are still just as dedicated to celebrating all kinds of women an inspiring and empowering women and girls to feel comfortable with themselves and in their bodies. Sure, Dove still has a capitalist mission and it doesn't relieve the hegemonic beauty ideals that invade our lives. But they emphasize the importance of women and girls in a time when so many other companies and industries in the economic world still dismiss and degrade us. These commercials are especially powerful to me because they at least partially challenge notions about ageing women as invaluable and young women as pathological, shallow, and one-dimensional.

xo Caroline

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  1. I agree...the commerials are a refreshing change that encourage women to celebrate themselves exactly as they are. I especially like the positive messages directed at older women since traditional advertisement dismisses anyone over 50 as being socially irrelevant.


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