October 2, 2011

Five DYI Jewellery Displays

In love. I came across these beautiful DYI jewellery displays/organizers the other day on The Frisky and Pinterest. I am so excited to make one! It's only a matter of time... I think the first, second, and third are my favorites. What are yours?

 You can find how to create this frame here.
This one seriously just uses an old/antique rake. That's it!
 Click here to find out how to make this one!
 And here for this one!
Finally, click here to find out how to create this one.

Oh, it's a such a rainy day out today! I'm actually kind of enjoying it though. It gives me an excuse to do absolutely nothing. (Not that we should need one. We all deserve to be lazy!) I'm actually still in my PJ's right now! Coffee by my side and readings awaiting me... better get on that!

Enjoy your Sunday!

xo Caroline

*All photos except for the first courtesy of The Frisky. The first photo was pined by this person on pinterest.com.


  1. The first one is my pick. What a great idea. Some people are just so innovative!

  2. I am continuously searching online for ideas that can assist me. Thx!


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