October 17, 2011

Homophobia --> It's Still Around!

Courtesy of Hubley family

Just heard news of a 15-year old boy--son of a local Councillor--who committed suicide in the area where I live. He was openly gay and, as a result, was bullied throughout his childhood. Yet not only was he gay, he also did not "fit" with norms of masculinity. He liked figure skating, not hockey; Lady Gaga, not Blink 182 or Jay Z. Tell me, what the fuck kind of world do we live in that encourages exclusion, bullying, and discrimination, among other things, of those who challenge the status-quo, like Jamie did? And that STILL encourages and reinforces heteronormativity and homophobia? I don't know. But I do know that my heart goes out to Jamie Hubley, who was tired of living in such a world. I feel consumed with sadness for he and his family. RIP Jamie Hubley, RIP--you are so brave!

Check out the National Post's story here.

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