October 9, 2011


Had lots of fun on Friday afternoon when my friend Angi and I met and strolled down the boardwalk to Pier 21, Halifax's Immigration Museum. They are currently holding an exhibition that I was dying to see, and Angi was happy to tag along! The exhibition is called Revolutionizing Cultural Identity: Photography and the Changing Face of Immigration and was it ever fascinating! Actually, it was probably one of the best exhibitions I've EVER seen! It was so inspiring and enlightening! If you're in Halifax, you need to check it out! There are several different installations within the exhibition, but my favorite is the one I've photographed above. It included framed photos of women and men of all ages with a description, in their own words, about how they understand themselves  in relation to their transnational and hybrid cultural identities. It is so powerful!

Anyway, these photos were taken throughout our little adventure. The last one wast taken on our way back to my place for a yummy dinner, where we ate about five dinner rolls each (nothing like fresh white bread ...)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I was wearing:
Suzy Shier Trench Coat (I know, right?)
PURE jeans (From Zellers!)
Aerie Wool Sweater
Talula Blouse
Exposure Purse

xo Caroline

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