October 14, 2011


What a lovely day I had yesterday! Visited one of my favorite spots, Uncommon Grounds Coffee House, with one of my favorite people, Angi, for tea, a frittata bagel, and some Ferrero Rochers. YUM. Proceeded to a lovely feminist book club meeting at the Saint Mary's Women's Centre, where I volunteer regularly. We chatted about body image, so-called "fat talk", material consumption, and capitalism. Speaking of capitalism... I then got an amazing pedicure!! This is an unusual thing for me, but another good friend, Chantal, kindly gave me a gift certificate to Remedy Spa for my Birthday. It was a great treat. I finished off the day with pumpkin soup and a baguette for dinner with Katherine. I love all of you, you're all so special to me!

Happy Friday! Only two more days until my trip! Did I mention I was excited??

I Was Wearing:

Jacob Sweater
American Apearal Blouse
Gap Jeans
Gap Jean Jacket
Jacob purse
Grandmother's Earrings
Obaku Watch
Chelsea Crew Shoes from Lulu's

I'm leaving you with this INCREDIBLE song called Clementine by a musician I've recently come across. Isn't she amazing?

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