October 7, 2011

DIY Tin Latern

Aren't these neat? This craft was passed along to me by a friend, and I was bored one day (and couldn't concentrate on school work) so decided to try it. Here's how to make them, it's so easy! 

Tin cans
Nail (a good size one)

Use any size tin can (I find the bigger the easier) and fill with water. Place in a freezer and allow water to freeze. (Note: the longer it's in the freezer, the more the can will warp.) Remove from freezer and use a marker draw a design on/around the can (like for example, hearts). The marker doesn't stay on that well, unfortunately. Use a nail and hammer to create holes around your shape(s). Three or four hits should do it for each hole. The frozen water will chip out from the top as you do this, so I found that I had to slide the ice up from the bottom to make holes on the upper part of the can. (Note: without ice, it's almost impossible to make a hole!) Once this is done, allow the ice to melt enough so that you can dump it out of the can (but in a sink or something, or else the water will leak through the holes... I figured this out the hard way!) Add a tea candle and voila!

On another note, today is Friday and I am very happy about that, though that doesn't mean work stops this weekend, unfortunately. I haven't had the best week, so I'm looking forward to some fun things I have planned for this weekend! Updates soon! Also, I just want to mention that October is Women's History Month in Canada (with a focus on women in the military) and, in Nova Scotia, October is also Mi'Kmaq Women's History Month, which is definitely something worth celebrating, in my opinion!

Have a relaxing, restful, and enjoyable long weekend!

xo Caroline

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