October 15, 2011

New In: Socks, Shirt, Polish

Received this FREE O.P.I. nail polish at Remedy Spa the other day, isn't it lovely? I love sparkles! I also picked up these awesomely cool socks from a Roxy sample sale ($5!). And I bought this Club Monaco long-sleeve shirt about a month ago, and love it. I wore it in this post. I am actually wearing the socks today ... maybe I will upload a photo to The Feminista Journal's Facebook page! Check it out here! And, while you there, please LIKE the page!! Thank you!!

On another note, I was feeling very nostalgic last night when a song came on that reminded me of songs that were popular when I was in high school. Do you ever feel so close to a past moment/memory/experience as a result of music? I think that's one of the reasons why I've always loved music so much--it has the power to move me, bring me back, pull me apart, reel me closer. All at once, just like that. 

Have a great day, I'm off to work now!

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