October 12, 2011

Breaking Fashion "Rules"

Do you find this video useful? For the most part, I do. I'm skeptical of setting rules and guidelines for fashion, and I like that Chrisellelim suggests that so-called fashion "rules" can be broken. Although I do wonder to what extent new fashion "rules" are created here, it's helpful to learn about new ways items of clothing can be paired together. As you may know, I like following fashion trends (and thus also the "rules" that the fashion industry sets). However, I sometimes hate that there is such a distinction between "high" fashion and "low" fashion--fashion that doesn't follow any of the "rules." As a result, I find that high fashion is often exclusive and limited to an elite group of people...a group that I often find myself wanting to be a part of. But why? Belonging? Social acceptance? Maybe both. Do you ever feel excluded from this group, and, if so, do you care? Regardless, there is something about material consumption, about dressing my body according to whats "in" style, and about performing my gender that appeals to me.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Only 5 more days until my trip!

xo Caroline

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  1. I have to admit that even at my age (57) I still sometimes feel out of place if I'm not up on the latest fashion trends. But since fashion caters to younger women, it is much less of a concern for me. Interestingly I've only just come to recognize and accept my fashion favorite, the crisp, tailored look. What could be better than a nice fitted wool jacket, nicely pressed men's shirt and well styled pants or skirt, complimented by an expensive pair of leather shoes or boots. Voila, the classic look! It is always in fashion.


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