September 17, 2011

Falling for Fall

The Public Gardens is one of my favorite places in Halifax, and it's not open much longer--so I want to enjoy it while I can! This week I've spent some time there reading, sipping on coffee, and befriending travelers and tourists alike. And, thanks to my friend Emma, I was also able to have some photos taken of myself and the beautiful scenery!!
It still doesn't feel like Fall here yet, although it is definitely getting cooler! I am looking forward to Fall, because it's my favorite fashion season, but winter will certainly be an adjustment. I hate being limited to what kinds of shoes I can wear ... warmth, for example, will be the priority. Ugh. I also find the transition period between Summer and Fall a somewhat challenging one to dress for, as you have to be prepared for heat and the cool air!

Happy weekend!

I was wearing:

Club Monaco top
American Apparel Skirt
Chelsea Crew Shoes available at Lulu's
Mantles Hat (from The Bay)
Harriet Grey Necklace
Obaku Watch

xo Caroline


  1. Caroline, I absolutely love these photos of you in the public gardens. You look so spontaneous,natural and well.....just happy.
    Love Mom


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