September 23, 2011

3 Ways to Wear the Boyfriend Blouse.

Please excuse the fuzziness of these photos, my camera does not like indoor photography (and I hate the flash). A few people have commented on my ability to wear one item of clothing several different ways, so I decided to take up Katherine's idea to do a post on three different ways one item can be worn. I used the "boyfriend shirt" because it is a go-to in my closet. The first outfit is a casual one, something I'd wear to the movies, or for a quick bite to eat. The second one is also casual, but perhaps a bit less so than the first one. The final one is my favorite, it's something I'd wear to a special event, or potentially to work (if I'm in the mood ;).

I hope to at some point in the near future feature different outfits with different (or perhaps the same?) key pieces, and some for different body types. Obviously I have one body type but I realize that not everyone has the same shape I do.

Oh, and happy Friday! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Mine won't be too eventful with work tonight and Sunday, and school work and errands on Saturday.

Oh, and I recommend that everyone watch Café de Flore, it's AMAZING!!

I was wearing:

1st outfit: 
Aritzia Blouse
Silver Jeans
Franco Sarto Boots
Obaku Watch
Purse from Exposure

2nd outfit:
Aritzia Blouse
Vintage Bracelet (was my Mom's)
Purse from a craft fair!!

3rd outfit:
Aritzia Blouse
F21 Blazer
Vintage Belt
Gap Pencil Skirt
Locale Boots
Vintage Coach Purse

xo Caroline

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  1. I love this feature! I wish I could pull off the boyfriend blazer--I might have to give it another go. P.S. I started my own blog too!


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