September 15, 2011

Thursday Inspiration: Photography

I have an interesting relationship with Evolving Beauty Photography. I find local photographer Eric Boutilier-Brown and his work incredibly inspirational and beautiful but also potentially problematic? To start, I'm very much attracted to the beautifully structured and photographed moments that Eric captures. In addition to his incredible photography skills, I admire that he is able to capture women's experience with their bodies and their partner's bodies. However, I wonder if the male gaze operates in his photos. I also wonder about the role that feminine beauty ideals play in who is photographed and how. Nonetheless, the photos I've attached are some of my favorites, especially because I am amazed at how brilliantly they capture, at least partially, embodied and intimate moments.


xo Caroline

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  1. I really don't see them as objectified and I do not feel voyeuristic as I often do when women are portrayed in poses and expression that are sexualized. Being naked does not bother me or make them sexualized, I actually think it is beautiful because he is showing the natural body and its beauty without the cosmetics of clothes or make up. I think if the girls were "done up" then it would make me feel as though the are being objectified, however I feel that this is a celebration of the female form. I also get the vibe that the women are proud of their bodies and it all just seems so peaceful and natural to me. I do like them too!


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