August 6, 2012

Beautiful Budapest.

Hero's Square.
 Parliament. (Sure beats Ottawa's Parliament!)
View of the entire city.
Playin' around on top of the world!
View of Buda from Pest.
Probably the most impressive church I've ever seen.
More of that.
And more.
A yummy Hungarian food platter with a home-made pitcher of lemonade.
View of Pest from Buda.
A HUGE beer. And I mean huge.
Fisherman's Bastion.
Just such huge and marvellous architecture!
Buda Castle.
Man with sphere?
Go Jimmy! I love this photo, I have to say.
Some massive stairs that I happily climbed. (only in Europe, only in Europe!)
Pest au nuit.
An Italian dinner.
Castle + mote.
Another church.
Hi there!
THAT is one enormous bee!
 I really hate this photo. That is all.
Szechenyi Baths.
A Synagogue.
Looking up.
A raspberry spritzer.
That is the same impressive church. Just wow.
City lights.

Here is the second instalment of photos from our trip to Europe! I'm so exited about these photos. Budapest was such an incredible city--it's grand and striking architecture made our 5-night trip there well worth it. We loved exploring every inch of it, despite that it was even hotter here (we're talking 41 degrees without humidity) and often quite overwhelming. We did so many things in such a short period of time, it was such a whirlwind! Regardless, though, it was quite the little adventure for us; something we've never ever, in our almost 6 years together, had the chance to do before. xo Caroline

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