May 18, 2013


Just some random bits from our new place. This is a bit of a teaser because you can't actually see our new place. Hehe. I admit that as a total perfectionist I'm just not happy with it! (The white carpet is killing me!!) But there are certain corners, nooks, and areas that I just love. So I thought I'd share. Which bit is your favorite?

We are off to Seattle today and tonight for a quick getaway. After a long work week, it's much needed. I've also been a little down in the dumps lately because of a batch of homesickness. I guess that's what you get when you move away from home and start a life somewhere else and keep remembering past lives when The Lumineers come on. But that's all part of life and growing up, no?

Stay tuned for updates this weekend via Instagram (@thefeministajournals)! xo Caroline

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