March 12, 2012

Fast Food & Waves

Checked out a local hotspot eatery yesterday, The Chicken Burger, and boy was it good! Although their chicken burgers are quite plains (really plain, actually....just chicken on a bun), it was delicious! After indulging in fries and chicken we headed to a local beach to check out the waves. It was SO windy and SO cold but SO much fun! I wore two huge sweaters underneath my coat so it definitely wasn't a fashion-forward day. But fun it was. We also stopped at a local tourist attraction called Fisherman's Cove, which is very quaint and quiet with its little board-walk and salty fresh air.

Tonight we are headed to a wine bar (seen in this post) and today we soaked in the warm air and sunny sky after lunch with lovely Katherine. And tomorrow's a new day with my parents! Shopping and dinner for my Mom's Birthday. And' xo Caroline

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