August 11, 2011

Lipstick Love

Last night I tried to experiment with different lipsticks, although the deep purple shade I used doesn't show up nearly as strongly in these photos as it does in person. I couldn't resist trying on a new lipstick after Katherine (L) tried French braids on me. Lipsticks, and French braids, are my favorites, but it seriously aggravates me when lipstick doesn't stay on long, especially while drinking coffee and eating. UGH! Any suggestions?

All this picture-taking of myself feels very narcissistic, and given that this is also a feminist blog, I thought I'd address the issue at hand--why not? I have come to the conclusion that I feel this way because a) I am narcissistic and b) I at least partially blame this on the society within which I was raised. Many girls, such as myself, are taught to base much of their value on their appearances (but of course not too much, since narcissism is frowned upon. Seriously, who wants to be the eccentric older woman with a bad fake tan and bright blue eye shadow?). The double-bind that girls and their appearances find themselves in makes sense given that we live in a consumerist and body-obsessed society. But what about those who find themselves outside of culturally constructed body-image and appearance norms and ideals? What do they experience?
Though I see no harm in indulging myself in my appearance, I am also very aware that indulging too much is socially unacceptable. So, negotiating that is ... uncomfortable?  

Regardless, enjoy these silly pictures of myself!

I was wearing:

Talula Boyfriend Fit Oxford Blouse available at Aritzia
L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Mulberry

xo Caroline

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