August 19, 2011

Take A Hike

So some may have noticed that my blog has been acting up. My posts have been coming out in duplicates! Needless to say, Jimmy and his super awesome patience have fixed it, yay!

We are off to Cape Breton tomorrow, which is exciting; however, I will not have internet at the cottage there! (Get this: it's 8 miles down a dirt road!) This scares and excites me. Sadly, I will be unable to post on my blog!! I hope my followers will keep coming back anyway because I will post the minute I can!! Really. I have so many exciting photos to show, and more are to come, I'm sure!

Speaking of photos, here are some photos from a hike I did with my Mom to Gaff Point. Was it ever beautiful! The weather was perfect and the scenery and isolation were amazing.

xo Caroline

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