August 15, 2011

The Smurfette Principle

You know what I'm tired of? I'm tired of seeing only one women in a movie cast of all men. Movie producers, directors, and writers alike attempt to acknowledge so-called "gender equality" and create "women-inclusive" movies by throwing in one woman (and in many Hollywood blockbusters, this woman is neither the lead, nor does she have any substantial depth). Are you kidding me? One woman? The world's population is half women (and different versions of "woman"), and you're telling me that one woman is enough? And that she can stand for all women?
Men are the default, the norm, and what are women? The sidekicks, the duplicates, as Feminist Frequency states below. Further, the women that are cast in Hollywood movies, for instance, are most-often white, as are the men. So not only are men the standard to which all is measured, but white men (and white women) are as well. 

Who shares my passion?

xo Caroline

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  1. Yup...this seems to always be the case. And when a movie is about women this usually revolves around men and get slandered by the critics. Take Bridesmaids for example. Those who had not even seen it called it a rip off of the Hangover. Women trying to be like men again. When in actuality it was an amazingly hilarious movie, which was directed and written by an amazing strong woman. That's why I get angry...too many assumptions are made about women. And in the end-for the movies, it's all about money. Women will go see movies about men, but not as many men will go see movies about women. This will stay this way because people blame it on society but society wont change until small things like this do.


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