November 18, 2011

Chocolate Bliss

Well, it was supposed to rain yesterday but Halifax is so unpredictable that it did not, which turned out great for my friend Angi and I. We strolled about downtown after spending some much needed time at a new café here in Halifax called Choco Café. And yes, it is a chocolate café! Not only doe they sell beautifully wrapped imported Belgian chocolates, they also have comfy chairs, WiFi, yummy chocolate deserts, espresso, and Mediterranean foods. 
After spending some much needed catching up time there, we headed over to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic for their Hello, Sailor! Gay Life on the Ocean Wave exhibit. I learned so much... like, for example, that Navy ships were a place where gay sailors could express their so-called "deviant" sexualities.
Finally, we wandered in to some shops after taking these photos outside the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, where we visited their gift shop.
Oh, what fun we had!

I was wearing:

Forever 21 Stripped shirt
Tea & Rose Shirt
Nevada Pants (from Sears)
Joe Fresh Rain Boots
Jacob Trench
Harriet Grey Necklace
Cambridge Satchel

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  1. Wish I could have been there. It sounds like just the sort of day I would have loved!


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