November 27, 2011

New In: Vintage Necklaces

These were a beautiful and thoughtful gift from my sort of mother and father-in-law. My favorites are the orange necklace and the pearl bracelet (which I think are real pearls!). The bracelet is so simple and classic, it will be great to spice up fancier outfits, especially ones I hope to wear around Christmas time. The orange necklace will be great to add that pop of colour to any plain and simple more casual outfit.

This post is short and sweet today because I slept in (which I so so so needed) and am running out of time to get ready and get to a craft fair with Jimmy. I really wanted to do another very exciting post today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow!

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, and don't forget it's only 28 days until Christmas! (if you celebrate Christmas, that is!)

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