November 3, 2011

Our Bodies, Our Rights!

Peter, me, Dee, Amanda
Dee, Me, Janis
Me and Janis

Danielle, Janis

Yesterday, a few people from the Saint Mary's Women's Centre gathered at the Victoria General Hospital on South Park Street in Halifax. We stood just down from the Pro-life protesters (whose campaign is to protest for 40 days in order to "save lives"). We had our own signs and pamphlets, which we were handing out to those who passed by. They included information about pro-choice and ways to reduce (not end) abortion, particularly for those who may not choose to have an abortion. We emphasized the importance of reproductive freedom--which women have, by the way, but which is also being diminished by the conservative party of Canada and groups life 40 Days for Life. So help! Spread the word about the importance of reproductive choice and living in  a world that still doesn't support women's rights to or knowledge about their bodies.

Every Wednesday we've been out there (well, this was my first time) because the SMU Women's Centre is currently involved in a 41 Days of Truth campaign, which is a response to the international 40 Days for Life campaign. 40 Days for Life is a religious organization that seeks to end abortion. You can find out more about 40 Days for Life here. 41 Days of Truth was created by the two coordinators at the Women's Centre, Dee and Danielle. It aims to generate awareness about women's and girls' reproductive rights. You can find out more about this campaign on the SMU Women's Centre Facebook page, here. (And while you're there, why not "like" their page?) Each day, for 40 days (though we are well into the 40 days now), the SMU Women's Centre posts information about women's reproductive rights in an attempt not only to generate awareness about abortion and pro-choice, but to also create solidarity among feminists. YAY!

To find out more about women's reproductive rights and abortion rights, check out the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada and Canadians for Choice. Also, check out Amplify Your Voice's 1 in 3 campaign, which posts videos about women's experiences with abortion, such as this one:

*THANKS so much to Danielle for taking these awesome photos and passing on information about the 1 in 3 Campaign! Check out her blog here!

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  1. Here, here! To quote Ami McKay from her novel "the birth house" "It don't matter one way or another. I ain't God. Only the woman knows if she's got enough love to make a life."


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