November 2, 2011

Cozy Living

How do you like the latest editions to my apartment? I found some rosehips when visiting a lovely little home decor store called Winks in Chilliwack with Carol, Jimmy's Mom. They smell absolutely amazing! Very Fall-ish. An employee at Winks told me that they look great in tea cups with tea candles on top. The heat really stimulates the smell. I happened to have two tea cups from Ikea that I rarely use.... so voila! I placed them on our coffee table in the living room.
 This vase Jimmy and I actually found in the loft of our apartment building! Presumably, another tenant didn't want it... well, I hope not! What a great find, eh? We decided to fill it will fake bulrushes, which are the perfect size for it. What a difference a few little (and inexpensive) things can make to the ambiance of a space. I have been so enjoying cozying up on the couch with a cup of tea and a few candles, all the while breathing in the spicy, fruity smell of the rosehips!

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  1. I can't believe what a great find the vase is! And, you've given me ideas for displaying my Mom's collection of tea cups.

  2. I have so many ideas for you for those teacups, Mom! I'll share them with you when I'm home over Christmas :)


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