November 7, 2011

European Corner

I've been so looking forward to taking some photos in this little corner off of Hollis Street in Halifax. The cobblestone walkway and iron gate are very romantic and so 18th century Europe. Taking these photos made me feel like for a moment I was back in Europe, somewhere, anywhere, sitting in a coffee shop in a quiet corner like this one and enjoying the nothingness. 

I had a nice but sort of unproductive (school work wise) Sunday. I tried to do some work but was so distracted, and for no reason, really! Despite that we made it to the craft fair in the morning (right after these photos were taken) and I still had the afternoon to get something done. 

Ah, well. Here's to a new week! Happy Monday, may your week go smoothly!

I was wearing:

Thrifted sweater (but from Jacob)
Talula Blouse
ASOS pants
Bowns ID Shoes
Thrifted purse (in Paris, actually!)
Ring from Bija Jewelry 

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