November 23, 2011

Family Tree

This post is inspired by a post by Danielle over at Exist & Inspire. The photos I've complied here are of various family members from different generations, most on my mother's father's side, who was born and raised in Craftsbury-on-the-Common, Vermont. The first photo is of my absolutely beautiful grandmother (my mother's mother), who recently passed away of old age. It was her favorite photo, and it might be mine, too! The second photo is of a woman who raised my grandfather after his mother died of pneumonia shortly after giving birth. Her name was Ruth, and my great grandmother's name was Caroline, and hence my name, Caroline Ruth. Thanks, Mom. The third photo down is of my mother's aunt Frieda, who, like my grandmother in the first photo, was an amazing artist. I'm so lucky to be born into such an artistic family! The other photos are of Ruth's parents (second to last) and Ruth's wedding (last). The other two of my mother's father. 

Have a beautiful day! 32 days until Christmas!!

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