December 20, 2011

Derek Lam Inspiration: Heavy Metal Eyes.

Although I still feel funny taking pictures of myself...for some reason...I love experimenting with makeup. I love art, blending colours, and seeing what I can come up with, so it makes sense. This make-up tutorial is inspired by the heavy metal eye make-up that has been on the runways this Fall, especially in the Derek Lam fashion shows. 

The inspiration.
This is the make-up I used. Golds, charcoals, blacks, pinks.
Foundation and cover-up applied here only.
Gold all over the lids here.
Charcoal in the creases and around the lids.
A champagne colour applied to below the brow and in the corners of the eyes.
The final result! A small amount of black eyeliner applied to bottoms of the lids, topped with a gold liquid liner, pictured above.

5 days until Christmas and I'm loving life! (Trying to forget, for now, about the stresses in the back of my head.) I have to do pick up one last gift today, do some baking and cooking closer to the weekend, and wrap some more gifts but then that's it. How are you Christmas preparations going?i If you have any, that is. 

* Photos taken from here and here.

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