December 7, 2011

Quick Tips: Instant Manicure.

Okay, to be honest, I rarely paint my nails. I find that my paint job doesn't last long enough to justify the time it takes! Although I do love nail colour, as well as nail polish (while it lasts), sometimes I'm just too lazy to paint my nails! I usually make more of an effort for special occasions, which I guess gives me that extra boost to just paint them, despite that the nail polish will come off in a matter of days.

That being said, I do like have soft, exfoliated, and moisturized hands and nails, especially during the winter months. I've tried this trick a few times, adding about half a lemon's juice to a bowl of hot water and letting my hands soak it up! Lemon is a natural bleach agent, so it cleans up those nails nicely. It also really softens your hands and cuticles, so once you're done soaking, all you really need to do is moisturize! Or, if you have more time, buff and file those nails and remove the excess cuticles! Then, of course, paint away!

Well, 18 days until Christmas, if you celebrate. Ugh, I'm so distracted these days! I'm finding it extremely hard to do anything. I'm just so ready for a break! Do you ever get like this?

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