December 2, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend! It's Friday and today I'm dreaming about Christmas and my cat, Adam. I can't wait to see him when I'm back at my parents' place in two weeks! 

I'm also doing a different kind of post today. Following the blog A CUP OF JO and Jen Loves Kev, I'm going to do a "posts from around the web" post! Here we go:

1.Lately, I've been loving this jewelry and the vision/mission behind it.
2.This online clothing shop is awesome. Hmm...
3.Oh, and don't forget to check out their Winter 2011 Lookbook video.
4.I SO SO SO want to make this beautiful necklace. One day, maybe?
5.This looks yum yum yummy (and healthy)! This weekend. I will. Yes.
6.Um, awesome. For so many reasons. Please, let's unlearn and unhate!
7.Loving this new blog I've recently found. So delightful!
8.Adios, Barbie! This blog is body-positive. 
9.THIS is truly an amazing article, especially for those men who read my blog;)
10.Oh, and this story. It is an incredible story that made me cry.
11.As for Christmas... I'm really craving peppermint these days. This recipe 12.looks easy enough, and this one, too, wow. Heaven!!
13.Came across this lately. Very funny image, but hope it's not taken literally!
14.Adele, you rock! I want to try your make-up!
15.I also love tea cups and, of course, old books!

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend, you deserve it. I'm working most of the weekend, but hope to get to yoga on Sunday, and potentially do some baking... I'm thinking about this. I won't get to eat too much of it, I'm making them for a Christmas work party, which is on Tuesday!
Also, stay tuned for photos from my exciting night last night! Details to come!

AND, finally, I swear, 23 days until Christmas!

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