October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

It's a statutory holiday today in Canada because it's Thanksgiving Monday. But while I'm enjoying leftover turkey and cranberry sauce (sadly, the stuffing was polished off at yesterday's dinner), some people may be wandering the streets searching for shelter or begging for food. I therefore want to say a special Happy Thanksgiving to those people who don't have many of the socio-economic privileges I do, many of whom do not even have access to this blog and may not be able to see this message. 
I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to them because today is about giving thanks and thinking about others, as opposed to just myself. I become so utterly preoccupied with my wants and needs on a daily basis (I do live in an individualistic society) but today I want to take the focus off me. I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of those out there who are struggling - in whatever way. xo Caroline

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