October 2, 2012

New In: Cashmere Sweater.

I've been wanting a cashmere sweater for years and I finally just ordered my first one online! Right now the J. Crew Collection Cashmere Bateau Sweater is on sale, and I went for it (getting free shipping AND an extra 25% off the sale price - though that's kind of a long story!). I'm looking forward to wearing and feeling cozy in this sweater all Winter, without feeling the need to itch my entire upper body (don't you hate that?). I chose the neon peach colour because I just love it. I debated a long time (a year, actually) whether I wanted something more neutral or something brighter. I chose the bright option because the winter is long and gloomy over here in Canada and I may be happy to have some colour in my wardrobe to brighten things up a bit. I also think it's important to wear what you love, and not just what's on trend or in fashion. 

I'll try to post some photos of me wearing this baby as soon as I can! Happy Tuesday folks! xo Caroline

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