October 6, 2012

The Flea Market.

I went to a local flea market last Sunday and it was such an adventure! When I first arrived I was so overwhelmed with the amount of used, new, antique, and vintage items but the feeling turned out to be a nice change. You should have seen me; I was rushing about from booth to booth trying to make sure I got a good look at everything. I didn't want to miss even one deal! Luckily, Jimmy was there to capture my movements on camera.

{I like vintage clutches, clearly}
{and antique tea cups}
{Okay, all things antique and vintage!}
I meant to post this yesterday, as I usually post on Fridays, but I got so busy! I started at a new job on Thursday; well, an old job, actually (new position at a company I used to work for last time I lived in Vancouver), and that has kept me tied up. That being said, I may continue to be busy over the next few weeks/months so please do bear with me. I appreciate it! 
Oh! And to my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving! What are your plans? I plan on cooking, baking pies, visiting an apple orchard, eating too much food, and enjoying the company of family and the one I love. xo Caroline

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