October 10, 2012


Everyone seems to be posting about apple picking these days, and now so am I! Jimmy and I went to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch on Saturday to pick up some festive treats for Thanksgiving, including apples for an apple pie I made for our Sunday turkey dinner. I was WAY over dressed for our outing (a sweater, boots, and pants + mid-day sun beating down on me) so, unfortunately, we didn't last long amongst the trees. But it was fun nonetheless! It has now become kind of a tradition for us (thanks to my pushing, let's be honest), which makes me realize how much the little things in life matter to me - apple picking and pumpkin choosing, for example, and even mundane activities such as home-made apple pie and intimate chit chat. I don't know, I guess the more and more I adjust to "adult" life, the more and more I realize how precious life is ... which is both scary and relieving.
I hope you're all having a lovely week! xo Caroline

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