July 5, 2012

All Packed, all Gone.

Thought it might be fun to do a little post about what I brought with me on my trip! The first photo is of stuff that I included in my carry-on and the second and third is of stuff that I included in my ONE suitcase. Yes, I know. It was hard. I've always been a two-suitcase-kind-of-gal. But obvi I can't truck to suitcases around Europe with me, that would be more of a burden than anything else. Let's hope what I've brought with me is a good balance between enough yet not too much (i.e. stuff that I think will get used but that--cmmon'--won't). I rolled everything up and it fit pretty perfectly, with a bit of extra room. Of course, I also have my toilettries and cosmetics to include.

Well now, I best be off. I hope you're week is turning out to be a lovely one! xo Caroline

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