July 19, 2012

Running: Yay or Nay?

My Spring/Summer running essentials:

Running is my primary means of exercise. It's certainly not my favourite thing to do in the world but I like and do it mostly because it fits so easily into my schedule. I also enjoy being outside for the 20-30 minutes I run for (well, except for in extreme temperatures). But it's really taken a toll my body. Even though my body slides so easily into my running routine, my knees hurt regularly, even with my new set of custom orthodics and regular warm-ups/stretching (see below), and I'm starting to have some major foot problems (don't ask me where, I don't get anatomy). I'm going to keep doing it though because it's so easy and because the pain is not unbearable and could possibly be worse. Eventually, as my body ages, I'm sure I'll have to switch to biking full-time because I hear it's easier on the knees and feet. What do you think? Do you run, and, if so, do you enjoy it? How does your body feel about it? Do you have any running tips?

I usually run in the mornings, but I also go in the afternoons if I'm busy and/or lazy in the mornings. Here I am one morning a couple of weeks ago, warming up for a 20-minute run (I prefer shorter, speedier runs as opposed to longer, slower ones). xo Caroline

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