July 17, 2012


[Vintage skirt // Smart Set top // Thrifted Calvin Klein heels, available here // ASOS cuffs // 
Dore Chic ring // Anthropologie Clutch // Michael Kors sunglasses]

Decided to dress up one fine summer afternoon before heading to a coffee shop downtown for a few hours of thesis-writing. I actually didn't feel out of place at all, as I often did when I dressed up in Halifax, perhaps because I blended in with Ottawa's working/corporate day-time population. This outfit is simple and classic with black, metallic, and pastels making just enough of a statement. I love mixing classic pieces, like these black sling-back (if you follow me on instragram @thefeministajournals, you know how excited I was when I found those), with modern and trendy pieces, such as the funky clutch and edgy cuffs, with fun vintage pieces, like the skirt (though this piece is definitely classic with its pencil shape). xo Caroline

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