July 25, 2012

Europe Snapshots Part III.

Here are some Instagram photos of our final week or so in Europe in both Croatia (Split and Zagreb) and Czech Republic (Mikulov). I will be posting a series of photos taken with our camera shortly, but life is so crazy right now what with unpacking, getting adjusted to the time change, catching up of life, errands, and other random duties, and saying goodbye to Jimmy (he leaves on Friday for Vancouver :( :( :(, although I will be moved out there maybe in September ... ). So hopefully you won't mind bearing with me as I catch up on life a bit (do you also notice how hard it is to come back after a vacation? Even though I was excited to get home and into a normal routine and diet and bed and all that it's still kind of a weird adjustment). Needless to say, I'm kind of all over the place! OH! But I also can't wait to show you some of my new purchases!!!!! xo Caroline

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