February 16, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Photos from my Valentine's day are better late than never, right? Jimmy bought me some beautiful flowers (which he picked out himself, cute!), some chocolates, and a card. He also cooked us a version of Eggs Benedict for breakfast. It was delicious! I made him a little book out of cards. Each page contained a note of something that I love about him. I also made him a card and a few love notes which I left around the apartment the night before. I bought him his favourite chocolates and some candy, as well as some bubble bath (he loves taking baths) and a gift certificate to Atlantic News, a local magazine shop. I may have outdone myself, but hey, why not? I hate the idea that only men ought to be romantic! Okay, I admit it, we're both a  couple of romantics. (But that's not to imply that we have the perfect relationship--we don't!) After my class, we went out for dinner at Koo-E-Nami, which was amazing amazing amazing!! Forgive the rushed shots of my outfit, we were running late for our movie!

I hope you are all having a lovely week! I hope to get to yoga tonight but I'm feeling quite lazy right now... so we'll see!


  1. how sweet!

  2. Girl! Just found your blog, and honestly, i wanted to quit it as soon as it opened...but i thought, well, i'll take a look closely, and what can i say, i loved it. Just because you are so pretty cute girl with lovely style, your photos are adorable, but you must chance your blog design...hope you don't mind me saying that :) I think you should refuse using those red+black+grey colours in blog desing...i think it should be as cute as you are :)) Best wishes :) You can contact me if you want ;)

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