February 27, 2012

Indie Boutik Collective

I had such a fun experience at Indie Boutik Collective last weekend! It's a new-ish store on Queen Street in Halifax that features a few different local designers/shop owners. My personal favourite is Makenew Vintage, whose owner (pictured above) I've been following online since last year. I absolutely LOVE her collection of very well-price vintage pieces. I know my also mom loves Laura Chenoweth and her organic apparel. The last two photos are of two lovely pieces that I picked up from Makenew for a total of $18! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I have to say, I'm exhausted in all ways. I need a break. Like a real break. Not periods of browsing the internet or watching TV or shopping or eating or baking. I need a getaway, an escape, an adventure, even a small one! Luckily, my parents are visiting not this weekend but next and I'm taking the entire weekend off. Well, with the exception of a conference that I'm participating in called GIRLS 2012. (Which you should check out if you're in Halifax!) I'm SO nervous!!

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