February 3, 2012

New In: Galaxy

Thrifted shirt//ASOS pants//J Crew Belt//Browns ID shoes//Change tights//Necklace from Etsy (see below)//Vintage bracelet (gift)

Found this sparkly shirt at the Salvation Army this week. I was so pleased! I love the galaxy look, as seen here, and the retro shoulder pads. I also recently bought my gold necklace from this store on Etsy and am completely in love with it. So simple yet so chic. What do you think?

This weekend is quiet for me... Well, in addition to working, I'm going to a friend's for Super bowl Sunday which will be exciting!! Lots of food lots of beer and wine (probably less football watching for me and more talking and eating). Also, I have some exciting news, so stay tuned!

One more thing: do you like my hair? I have been experimenting a lot lately because I'm so so so sick of my hair these days (I'm getting it cut next week!!) Check out how to do it below. I was put on to this You Tube channel by a friend and am totally obsessed!

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