April 17, 2012

A Sunday.

Thrifted t-shirt// Thriifted Gap jean jacket// Pashmina scarf// Xcetera belt// American Apparel pants//H&M cardigan// Thrifted boots// O'Clock watch in Violet// Thrifted bag (from Paris!)//Michael Kors sunglasses

Is it weird that we took photos in a graveyard? Maybe. Jimmy and I went to check out this graveyard on Sunday (it turned out to be not a bad weekend after all!) because there's a few Titanic  burial grounds in it and my mom convinced me to check them out (she loves Titanic history). Coincidently, we went on the exact 100-year anniversary of the Titanic! There was a huge ceremony! It was packed but kinda neat. Before that we went out for lunch at one of my favorite places in Halifax, the Italian Market! They have deliciously fresh food, coffee, and deserts. We also always buy our pizza dough here, it's amazing. Hmm...should probably feature how we make our pizzas on here...

Anywho, I usually post on Mondays, sorry about that, but this week has already turned to chaos. I randomly decided to sell some of my belongings (things that I can part without and things that just won't fit in the car on our drive back to Ottawa). Although I've actually sold quite a bit, it's so stressful! With a paper to write, school-related documents to take care of, errands upon errands to run, and people to spend time with...agh! I didn't sleep a wink last night. Hopefully your week is going better than mine! xo Caroline

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