April 4, 2012

New In: Vintage Finds

Wow, I've had some serious luck thrifting these past few weeks! I found all three of these blouses at the Sally Anne, though on two different occasions. There all perfect for spring/summer. The blue plaid one is sleeveless and will be great for layering and with high-waisted shorts on excruciatingly hot summer days. The necklaces I actually found at an antique store, and was able to bargain down the price with the shop owner. I paid $10 for the two! As of late I have been obsessed with rhinestones. I see them all over the internet these days, so maybe that's why. When I was little I remember playing dress-up (I was such a little girl cliché) with my mom's rhinestone necklace that she wore as a teenager. I loved that thing. I wonder if she still has it....

Anyway, I've already painted one of them with nail polish, which is such an awesome idea! See what I mean here and here. xo Caroline

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