April 6, 2012

Sugar Sugar

These photos are a bit late. But better late than never, right? Last Sunday we headed up to Sugar Moon farm in the Valley. It was such a lovely day! Although we got lost on the way (and not without fighting a little bit), it really brought us closer together. We had a delicious pancake and sausage lunch--all made with local ingredients and, of course, served with maple syrup that is produced on-site. We were also able to take a little tour of the farm, hiking up a hill with beautiful views to where the original "sugar bush" was located (and still stands...as you can see in the above photo of Jimmy).

Anywayzzzz.... it's now Easter weekend, and I work most of it. Ugh. And I'm stressed about the paper I have to write for my class. Double ugh. However, I am excited that we're hosting a dinner on Sunday night. I have a few decorating and baking ideas that I am looking forward to implement, and hopefully they will be able to justify the lack of work that will be going on! Hope it's a great one for you... Do you have any plans? xo Caroline

P.S. I'm sorry for the lack of outfit photos. It's so hard to take them because I'm so busy! But I do plan on it. Soon, I hope!

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