April 30, 2012

Music Mondays: Jenn Grant.

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YAY! I'm going to be doing a new segment on my blog called Music Mondays! I might not do it every single Monday but I will certainly do it on many, when I've got a new musician I'm dying to share. I'm so darn passionate about music that I often get the overwhelming urge to tell others about new stuff I've discovered. I came across Jenn Grant's latest CD, Honeymoon Punch, at work through my manager, who has a copy of the CD. I played the first song at work and was automatically hooked. It's fun, quirky, and upbeat. Jenn has a beautiful voice and although I know very little about guitar playing, she rocks at it! Oh, and did I mention she's from Halifax? Check out some of her music videos from her latest album below and find her website here. Enjoy! xo Caroline

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